Respect People (Arabic : احترام الآخرين) is the pilot episode.

Synopsis Edit

Uncle Solaiman is yelling for his favourite food/formula Baleela and he is selling Baleela and azooz is annoyed from Uncle Solaiman's yellings about the baleela and it's 7:00 am when Danyah Shafei wants to make him awake with every solution and her solution was Speculations with Azooz Shafei and then they eated breakfast with Papa Shafei and Mama Shafei and then they go to Aseb's Car and then Azooz Shafei Tricked Aseb by making him go to his car's tire and then Danyah Shafei go to Basma which is the girl makes a place to Danyah Shafei and then Basma talked to Danyah Shafei about Abeer's bag and then Danyah Shafei tell Basma about don't talk about anyone's own, then Hatoon meet Danyah Shafei , then Mrs. Raweeah introduced her self to all of the students and then she gets angry from Abeer cause she eats gum loudly and she says engineering/math is her toy and then Mrs. Raweeah says if Abeer eats gum again she will not see her at school, and then Danyah Shafei came to Uncle Solaiman and he says to her a proverbs by him, then she took a Baleela and then Azooz Shafei gets angry and he says to Danyah Shafei i want one too and then Uncle Solaiman makes fun of Azooz Shafei by telling him a proverb, then Azooz Shafei says to Uncle Solaiman what does he mean then he says first your yellings that make me awake from daybreak, i wish you zipping your mouth tommorow, then Uncle Solaiman said a proverb then he yelled again, and then Azooz Shafei gets angry from him, and then we see Papa Shafei talks about what in Asfaranoo Inc. and then Danyah Shafei came out and said to Papa Shafei she wants him in a topic, then Azooz Shafei gets angry and then he said danyah who makes the wrong thing cause she didn't listen to her strong brother, then he said he is hungry and then he says will eat after danyah finish her complaints, then he says oh man, what did i do?, then Danyah Shafei said i dont want people gets angry from Azooz Shafei , then he said nothing can stop me!, and why i get scared i am a big man!, then Papa Shafei yelled for Azooz Shafei then he said what dad?, is that sayings from danyah are real?, why son you make people annoyed from ya?, if Aseb not here, will go to school with walking!, and if Uncle Solaiman not here, nothing of these baleela are sweeting!, then azooz gets hungry and his mom said will cook for ya Kabsas.